Monday, December 14, 2015

Save Ojibway! Write Your Officials! Action Speaks Louder Than Words!

Open Letter To Mayor Dilkens & Jenny Coco re: Ojibway Nature Center
TO: Mayor Drew Dilkens (, Coun. Chris Holt (, Ward 4)
TO: Jenny Coco (
Dear Mayor Dilkens & Coun. Holt (Ward 4), Jenny Coco (Coco Development)
I am requesting that you intervene and assist Coco Development in finding an alternative site for their Big Box development. I believe that this site has a high potential to interfere with the biosphere around Ojibway Nature Center. Surely there must be brownfield/previously developed sites near by that could be utilized.
I understand that the OMB hearings have already ruled to allow it to go ahead but I believe that you have the ability to step in and negotiate for future generations of Windsorites and Essex residents. We don't need a Big Box near Ojibway. It is not necessary.
Perhaps Coco Group would be willing to redevelop a site that is further from Ojibway. Let's start a conversation about this. There are many knowledgeable Windsorites that would love to help in a democratic and participatory process to protect our remaining greenspace. Many of us just want to help the Company find a suitable location further from the endangered species. We are not hostile, we just want to protect our environment.
Let's get together and explore options!
Steve Green

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