Thursday, April 26, 2012

Poultry in Motion - Hollywood Hens

Poultry In Motion - Hollywood Hens

Feeding a chicken.

(Photo from 

Recognizing that the process of getting our hens down to Philippa early Sunday morning would require some 'clandestine' activity' on my part, for many reasons, I was starting to reconsider the transfer of our hens from our Cooperative Chicken Coop to their busy showboating. Not to mention the fact that these hens were none to pleased to be cooped up in this dog sized crate. They are accustom to coming and going as they please at our farm. They are on their own schedule. They have their own routines. And we, for our own selfish pleasure, have disrupted their lives. That being said, they did get plenty of 'treats', even if they were manhandled, or should I say, kid-handled, for a few days. See below for all the pictures.

Can you imagine the life of these hens in the CAFO (Concentrated Animal Factory Operation)

Ethically, that is why I cannot support this industry, egg and dairy, or meat production in North America. Thank goodness we have someone like Jamie Waldron around to get our meat from. And the eggs come from our hens. I'm allergic to milk, I wonder why, since they spray the poor dairy cows with pesticides until they go blind. Probably could poor the milk on my gravel driveway and kill grass!

Soon I will have Quail eggs too! I've been raising these little cuties since they were born. Boy, are they hungry chicks! They eat as much as one of my chickens! It seems as though they have a never ending hunger! And they grow really fast!

Quail - 2 Weeks Old

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