Thursday, August 25, 2011

News Alert! Arrest the Offenders! Fowl Invading Roseland! Scramble the Bylaw Officers!

Dear Mayor Edgar Francis & City Council:

Why is it you/the city is/are allowed to keep ducks at your City owned golf course but I am not allowed to have a couple hens on my property?

I witnessed your ducks wandering through the Roseland neighbourhood last night unattended, through neighbours' yards with their little ducklings trailing nervously behind.

They proceeded to hold up traffic (albeit for photographs by onlookers admiring them) recklessly entering the intersection without any regard of oncoming traffic.

Please draw your lines straight, Mayor Francis. Apprehend these offenders or change the Bylaw!

In defence of the mother duck and her ducklings, the ducks did not know they were illegal. They were just walking around the neighbourhood to forage some food and heading to their City of Windsor home.

If I kept a couple hens, my hens wouldn't know they are illegal either, as they forage for food in my backyard. But they would be well cared for and kept off the streets and neighbourhood yards.

By the way, if you can keep ducks, why can't I keep a couple hens? Seems silly, doesn't it.

Maybe its time to get with the times and realize that the bylaw is ridiculous. There's plenty of fowl fowling up this bylaw!

How about the 100's of Canadian geese that inhabit our City owned Water collection pond on Rockport in South Windsor, and the 1000's around Windsor?

Our park and water collection pond is afoul, constantly of goose poop everywhere. The city does nothing to clean up their mess or manage them.

The water is severely polluted and the city does nothing to clean it up. Every spring and summer the Geese have 12 more Geese!  We can hardly walk a path without 

tripping over the geese! The cars on Rockport regularly have to stop for 50 Geese and there adorable brood 

They obviously live there on city property FULL TIME.

Again, seems silly when you consider the mess they make and constant noise in the neighbourhood. Far more noise and poop than a couple hens would ever make.

I REALLY think you need to re-evaluate the city position. Speaking of poop, there's a lot of dog poop throughout the city too. Irresponsible dog owners.

And could you imagine the stink of 80 Pigeons on one residential lot, and the noise? 

But not one or two hens. Curious. Do my hens need to be wild? Do they need to live on City land? Can I keep a domesticated Goose? If I let my hen wander wild, is it legal?

I know you are the one that voted this down. But you also have the power to allow the recommendations your staff made to allow for a Pilot project to occur.

Windsor-Essex CLUCK group, a large support network for Urban Hens, would be glad to see that you get all the praise and glory for being progressive enough to 
find a solution that works for the City.


steve green
Windsor Ontario Canada
Windsor Essex CLUCK

p.s. I have included a picture of the duck and duckling infraction if you want to forward it to the Bylaw Officers or Windsor Police Services

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