Saturday, August 13, 2011

How many bylaws have you ever broken?

Thinking about what I wrote yesterday, I was wondering if people might misunderstand the way I feel about bylaw enforcement.

I see comments in the press from time to time from people who are angry about chicken owners flouting local bylaws.

To give the severity of their intentional transgression some context, I have copied out (and somewhat paraphrased) a couple of totally unrelated bylaws from the City's website.

Many, if not all, of these are broken on a regular basis, quite often without any consequences from the enforcement department:
  • You may not keep a ferret or exotic animal for a pet
  • You may not own more than 2 dogs (know anybody “pretending” to keep one for someone from out of town?)
  • Ice and snow must be removed from the sidewalks of your house within 12 hours
  • Snow may not be dumped into the road or an alleyway
  • You may not idle your vehicles longer than 5 minutes
  •  You may not spit on the sidewalk of any street
  •  You may not drive a car so the tires squeal
  •  You may not drive a car with an improperly functioning muffler
  •  Garbage may not be put out on the street before 7pm on the day prior to collection
  • Dog poop may not go into the garbage
  • Birds and waterfowl may not be fed in parks
  • Backyard composters may not be used for disposal of fat, bones or dairy products
  • You must ensure weeds in your yard are removed or destroyed
  •  All depressions in your yard must be kept free of standing water

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