Friday, January 7, 2011

On the subject of vermin

Some Windsorites object to urban chickens because they believe they will make an existing urban vermin problem even worse.  While it is true that vermin can be attracted to chicken food, this problem can be avoided by ensuring all food is properly packed away at night so rats can't get to it.  As for predators wanting to eat the chickens themselves, the best way to avoid that one is to ensure the coop is thoroughly enclosed.

However, we don't all live in areas where there are rats roaming about. One of the few advantages of living in neighbourhoods that are a little further away from downtown, is that suburban yards tend to be larger, and many of us have never had to worry about rats rummaging through our trash. It's doubtful that rats would be an issue to those homeowners if backyard hens were allowed.

Besides, as this Grist article points out:

It is not something that causes a nuisance to anyone except for the chicken owner.

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