Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Contact your Councillor Today - 3 easy steps!

January 24th is an important date to note.  After voting late last year to “indefinitely defer” the matter of urban chickens, Councillor Dilkens has reopened it for discussion for next week’s Council meeting.  He is already on the record for his view that urban chickens are “clucking ridiculous”, so it is extremely important to make sure Council hears loud and clear from us.  This may be our last chance to be heard.

There are 3 easy ways in which your participation can make it happen:

Lift the phone and leave a message for your councillor.  Better yet, call them all.  The numbers are below.  You don’t have to say a lot.  Just let them know who you are and that you are in favour of urban chickens.

Email your councillor.  Just as easy, email them all at the same time.  For your convenience, we’ve done the work for you!  All you need to do is copy and paste the string of email addresses at the bottom of the page into your address line.   Again, the script can be very simple. 

Join us at next week’s Council meeting.  The meeting will be next Monday, January 24th, and it starts at 6pm.  We are hoping for a great turnout.  You won’t have to speak (unless you add your name to the delegation list before the 21st – call 311 to set it up), but your attendance in the audience is very important.

We need to show council that CLUCK has the broad community support that we already know it has.  We are not the crazy people that some have tried to suggest we are.   We are educated, well-read and we are urban chicken supporters for a number of well-thought out reasons:  we care about food security and sovereignty, eating food that is locally, sustainably and humanely produced, reducing our food miles, providing needy people with quality sources of affordable food, and reversing the longstanding processed food trend which has steadily separated consumers from understanding where their food comes from.

Let Council know where you stand!  Your message can be a brief one-liner, or you can explain your point of view in more detail – it’s all up to you.  The important thing is that you lift the phone or email today.

Telephone contact information
Mayor:   (519) 255-6315
Drew Dilkens - Ward 1: (519) 250-4607
Ron Jones - Ward 2:  (519) 252-1005
Fulvio Valentinis - Ward 3:  (519) 977-5067
Alan Halberstadt - Ward 4: (519) 973-8323
Ed Sleiman - Ward 5:  (519) 944-7058
Jo-Anne Gignac - Ward 6:  (519) 945-4434
Percy Hatfield - Ward 7: (519) 739-9575
Bill Marra - Ward 8: (519) 948-0900
Hilary Payne - Ward 9:  (519) 972-6071
Al Maghnieh - Ward 10:  (519) 551-8003
One step email – copy and paste the entire list into your address line
mayoro@city.windsor.on.ca,ddilkens@city.windsor.on.ca, rjones@city.windsor.on.ca, fvalentinis@city.windsor.on.ca, esleiman@city.windsor.on.ca, joagignac@city.windsor.on.ca, phatfield@city.windsor.on.ca, bmarra@city.windsor.on.ca, hpayne@city.windsor.on.ca, amaghnieh@gmail.com, ahalberstadt@city.windsor.on.ca

Email contact information
Mayor:   mayoro@city.windsor.on.ca
Drew Dilkens - Ward 1: ddilkens@city.windsor.on.ca
Ron Jones - Ward 2:  rjones@city.windsor.on.ca
Fulvio Valentinis - Ward 3:  fvalentinis@city.windsor.on.ca
Alan Halberstadt - Ward 4: ahalberstadt@city.windsor.on.ca
Ed Sleiman - Ward 5:  esleiman@city.windsor.on.ca
Jo-Anne Gignac - Ward 6:  joagignac@city.windsor.on.ca
Percy Hatfield - Ward 7:  phatfield@city.windsor.on.ca
Bill Marra - Ward 8:  bmarra@city.windsor.on.ca
Hilary Payne - Ward 9:  hpayne@city.windsor.on.ca
Al Maghnieh - Ward 10:  amaghnieh@gmail.com

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