Monday, January 24, 2011

CLUCK Windsor, Urban Chickens, Household Food Security, Local Food Systems & Urban Ag

Attn Windsor City Council and Citizens of Windsor

CLUCK is a national ad hoc organization that promotes the responsible and ethical raising of Urban Chickens. Presently, CLUCK has representatives within 15 chapters across 8 provinces, with a total membership of 3,200.

CLUCK Windsor is one of our chapters and CLUCK Canada supports their effort to pursue a fact and knowledge based assessment approach to the issue of Urban Chickens.

The City of Windsor has the opportunity to provide municipal leadership in the area of Household Food Security by endorsing and supporting an Urban Chicken Pilot Project that is focused on the real time analysis of small scale livestock in an urban environment. 

The collection of empirical data, and subsequent analysis, will provide citizens, decision-makers and elected officials with the information required to make a fact based decision on the matter of backyard hens. 

The citizens of Windsor will be well served by choosing a knowledge based approach to the issue of Urban Chickens. I encourage Windsor City Council to vote favourably to conduct an Urban Chicken Pilot Project.

If we can provide any assistance whatsoever to the City of Windsor in this respect, feel free to approach our CLUCK Windsor chapter. Alternatively, my contact information is also included in this missive. 


Paul Hughes
President, CLUCK Canada

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  1. If I heard CBC Radio correctly this morning....Windsor City Hall has a goat!!!! Are they an exception to their own by-law?


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